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When Worlds Collide

My kids started asking me, "Dad, why do you have so many different insta accounts?" I said, well, I do a lot of different things. They were quick to offer their opinion that it would be better for me to just have one account that incorporated everything I did. I sat back and thought for a moment. I had always attempted to keep my worlds separate. Part of it quite honestly was out of an insecurity that I wasn't worthy in one or the other to hang my hat on it. And for whatever reason I didn't see the connection and thought it better to not muddy the waters in either pond. But the reality is that I do a lot of different things. And I love each of them. I didn't really see how they would mesh, but then I realized that there was a consistent focal point for all of them; music.

Whether it's writing, producing, directing, recording etc., 95 percent of my world now is centered around music. And I realized my kids were right. Each experience I had influenced the other. It was impossible to keep them separate in my own head. It only made sense to allow them to naturally blend. They complimented each other perfectly and each helped me gain a better perspective on the others. As a director I better understand what goes through an artist's head when they're on camera or in front of any audience since I've now been on stage and on camera. As a songwriter I continually gain insights from the writers I talk to on a daily basis but I also understand the process better which helps me when talking to songwriters about their latest releases. They're so intertwined already, keeping them separate now seems counterproductive. So as you see I have very smart kids.

And so, I've been in the process of retooling all of my socials as well as my Website to reflect a more full story of what I do on any given day and where my soul is happiest; music. I love that my life centers so much around different aspects of the music industry. And quite honestly, it should make it a lot easier to manage as well without having to manage three or four different accounts. I've managed to consolidate my Website, instagram and twitters accounts. I still have the @billfilipiakmusic facebook account, primarily because I still use my personal account for staying connected with family and friends. But we'll see about that as well. Here's the breakdown:

Insta: @billfilipiak

Twitter: @billfilipiak

Facebook: @billfilipiakmusic

Start looking around and following along. Join me as I continue this crazy journey if you'd like. It's one that has taken me to a lot of really cool places and introduced me to a lot of really cool people. Can't wait to see what's next and look forward to sharing it with you.


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