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Album Notes: New Mistakes: The inspiration behind the single "Brand New Me"

According to Albert Einstein, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." It is a theme that I think a lot of people can relate to. Finding ourselves in the same conundrum over and over again wondering why we can't get out of our rut. We blame the world when the reality is if we're stuck, it's likely our own doing. In a self reflective moment, I remember thinking to myself that I kept making the same mistakes in life over and over again and that perhaps I needed to make some new ones. At that moment "Brand New Me" was born.

To "go down different roads" meant having to go off the path I'd grown comfortable with. That takes more effort than I think I realized. To say that "my dreams had been my greatest sin," simply means that I went after my dreams full force but in doing so; In pursing my dreams; I ignored other important aspects of my life and then wondered why they were lacking. The reality was I'd continually made the same mistakes over and over again in areas of my life that desperately needed change. As a younger me, it didn't seem to matter as much because was focused on immediate gratification totally ignoring the long term affects of my errors. I was able to find plenty of fulfillment through the attainment of the dreams I was pursuing. As I got older however, I started to recognize I had failed to cultivate personal parts of my life that would fulfill me in other ways. I had blamed others for personal downfalls rather than taking a look in the mirror. I saw others who had cultivated wonderful gardens. I had started several of my own. But failed to water those plants then wondered why they were always dead.

Ultimately Finding the strength to "put your foolish fears aside" is easier said than done. I think partly because there's almost a comfort in your routine mistakes. You get comfortable in your mire. You know what to expect. It's scary to think about a different outcome and what that might look like. What if it's too overwhelming? What if it's turns out to be less than you'd always fantasized about? What if you're ultimately not up for the challenge? Facing your fears means facing a new reality that you may or may not be fully equipped for.

"Brand New Me" attempts to tackle the concept of facing those fears head on; forcing yourself to make a choice. Am I going to take steps to improve my life or am I going to accept where I'm at and be that old geezer that complains about how the world and everyone in it screwed him over.


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